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My favorite thing about bike touring Slovenia is….

My favorite thing about bike touring Slovenia is….

Tell us your favorite experiences bike touring Slovenia

We want your input. Tell us what you like about bike touring Slovenia.


As we continue working On our upcoming “Slovenia bicycle traveller’s guide” we want to have your input.


Tell us your favorite things about bike touring Slovenia.  It can be anything that stands out to you.


For us, the almost endless kilometers of unpaved gravel roads and the cultural diversity top the list.


How about you?  Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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  1. I much liked the Slovenian countryside, which ranged from the quaint and pretty to the spectacular. But I think I was even more impressed by the helpfulness of the Slovenian people. Whether they were tourist office/industry employees or just regular citizens, Slovenians treated me with what seemed to be genuine friendliness and often went out of their way to give me assistance. Any interest I showed in people was appreciated and reciprocated. The fact that so many people speak English is a bonus, but I don’t think it’s altogether necessary. All in all, Slovenia is a country whose terrain and culture cause a cyclist to feel outerly adventurous and internally comfortable at the same time.

    • Hey Bruce!
      I think we agree with your assessment of Slovenia, as we discussed before. It is one of those exceptional places that doesn’t yet fully realize exactly how exceptional it really is. Which is exactly what is so great about the place.


  2. I hear is great wine region. How much wine tasting are you doing? What are you seeing in the ways of festivals or places to visit?

    • Yes, there are at least 4 distinct wine regions. Each with their own specialty. We have visited all of them and tasted the fruit. Our guide will definitely include advice on how and where to taste them all. Festival are mainly spring and early summer, although there are more than a few, and places to visit…well, you’ll just have to buy the guide 🙂 ETA- late spring 2014.

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