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Destination Dubrovnik – Summer bike touring 2012

Destination Dubrovnik – Summer bike touring 2012

Is it August already?

So, we have been meaning to post about this for the past two weeks.

It seems one thing has been standing in our way:  Writing, editting and designing our new e-book ” i bike WAWA Part 1 – Cycling in and around Warsaw.”

Now that the book is done we are free to begin doing other things like eating, sleeping and biking.  Our plans for a long summer bike tour have shifted around a bit.  At first I wanted to tour France.  See some old friends ( Hi Ben! ),  soak up “la culture d’Paris”,  cruise past the languid fields of Provence, I could go on…  Carolyn had other plans. She wanted to see the Balkans.  She wanted to see Slovenia and the Croatian coast.  I suggested we do both.

With only 4 weeks of holiday time ( yes, it is Europe, we get 4 weeks here. Sorry America 🙂  ) we had to make a compromise.  Like all good relationships compromise is key.  So, instead of picking a third route or location we settled on C’s idea, tempered with some variety of my own design.

Destination Dubrovnik

On Monday August 6 we will begin our Summer bike tour from Prague into the Austrian Mountains through Slovenia and cycle south along the Croatian coast to Dubrovnik. Total estimated distance is about 1800 km. ( ouch! ) My knees hurt and my heart races just thinking about it.  I can’t wait.  We will, of course, still be working to fill in the gaps in our brand new web site here as well as blogging about our ride and the adventures that we have along the way all for the enjoyment of you, our gentle reader ( Hi Mom!).

For those of you who can’t wait, or are perhaps trapped behind a desk and can’t go bike touring, please feel free to read back through some of our old posts from our Tumblr blog about Bike Touring Israel last winter or maybe some of our bicycling adventures in Poland.  It’s pretty good stuff.  If you’re in Warsaw or plan to come to Warsaw or maybe you’re just curious about cycling in Warsaw then download our e-book “i bike WAWA Part 1- Cycling in and around Warsaw”. It’s free only until September when Part 2 comes out. Then it will cost you.

Stay tuned.

About Tyler Robertson

Passionate about bicycling, photography and great tacos, Tyler is always happiest when in the saddle. Now living in and exploring Eastern Europe by bicycle, he often spends time analyzing how bicycles can change the face of travel and the economic landscape while planning his schedule around bicycle trips (instead of the other way around). If you would like an opinion or contribution on any of the above, please connect on Google + or contact Tyler .


  1. This sounds like a great way to spend a month. Given the austerity measures I’ve had to impose on my own life, this may just inspire me to consider cycling as a potential means of long-distance transportation in the near future. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your photos and reading more about your adventures as they unfold. Best of luck!

    • thanks Curtis…For us the economic benefit to both ourselves and the areas we visit would be enough to continue cycle touring indefinitely, add in the fresh air in our faces and the adventures, both good and bad that we have had in the past and we are terminal bike tourists. Carolyn might have some better insight into the actual economic effects bike tourism has on the areas frequented by tourists. Maybe she will comment on that…

  2. Congrats on the ebook. 4 weeks of cycling… must be great. I only get bit and pieces and have to deal with the Texas heat.

    Thanks for sharing.

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