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America you’ve got a lot of growing up to do

High shcool seniors suspnded from school for bicycling

America you’ve got a lot of growing up to do. In Walker, Michigan more than 60 high school seniors were suspended from the last day of school for simply cycling en masse to school. It seems the school district has a rule prohibiting students arriving at school by bicycle. What is wrong with our cities and schools where bicycling is ... Read More »


Petra; bike touring; jordan; israel

Petra After arriving at Eilat we settled in for a well deserved night’s rest. In the morning we headed out via bus for 2 days in Petra , the ancient red stone city. We booked a bus tour that includes one night lodging in the town of Wadi Musa and even 3 meals to boot! Since we are used to ... Read More »

Jerusalem to Eilat by bike

biking the dead sea; israel; cycling; smiling

Jerusalem to Eilat. 4 days. 320 km. We thought we might never make it. The headwinds seemed to beat on us every inch of the way. Despite a banner first day of descending 80k from Jerusalem to Ein Gedi in about 4 hours, the remainder was brutal. Fortunately the final day had some tailwind in the last half that allowed us ... Read More »


Slow bike; Bicycle sign in Israel; Cycle touring; adventure travel

Like rolling a boulder uphill. That has been our progress for 2 days along the Dead Sea and climbing up into the Southern Negev desert. In addition to climbing up from the lowest place on Earth (600m below Sea level), a fierce headwind has steadily impeded our progress at each pedal stroke. We have covered only about 70km per day ... Read More »

Too tired

Too tired from biking all day; cycle touring; adventure travel; israel

Too tired to post more than a link to our last two days Cycling the Dead Sea. More later, must sleep. Read More »

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